• Timely effective feedback, perfect and professional management system.
Project Management
First stage: Order entry-
1.Marketing specialist informs the relevant information of customers to the person in charge of the project department.
2.Project engineer takes charge to collect、arrange customers’ data and send to engineering department as a basic design data.
3.After the engineering department receives the project data, then they will start to do the according to the customers’ opening mould requirement.
4.After the engineering department finished the report and they will send to project department in time, then the project engineer will send to customers for confirmation.
Second stage: Mold design and making-
1.Project department will immediately send the feedbacks from customers to engineering department, relevant organization department then hold a meeting of new mold, and follow up the entire process of mold making.
2.After the engineering department finished the mold design, they will send the completed 2D、3D to the customers for confirmation, DFM,until the final confirmation process. After obtaining the final confirmation from customers, they start manufacturing.
3.Purchasing department takes charge to do the purchasing of all the components and parts, then notify to the project engineer and IQC.
4. IQC checks and examines all the components and parts after back to factory, and giving the qualified components of mold making.
5.Production engineer finished each of components, and give out to each person of manufacturing procedure who is in charge. Mold production management has done the and followed the processing progress so that to do the realistic.
6.Each processing department must follow the technological standard and progress according to the quality and volume for processing and then reported to the IPQC for examination, to ensure the qualification of components processing.
7.IPQC has finished the examination of each components.
Third stage: Optimization and after-sales-
1.Mould fitter has the responsible to packaging, fit mould, and absolutely to follow the requirement of the design drawings to complete the assembly of mould.
2.Billing will be made one day before the completion of the mould, and when the assembly of mould get the qualification, they will inform the department of injection molding to have the mould trying.
3.Department of injection molding will start the mould trying after the preparation of materials, and after the mould trying, they will fill the form .
4.After the mould tryout, the project will provide the samples of drawings to QC for testing, organize the relevant departments to hold the meeting of new mold review, and make a to relevant departments to carry out the modification of mould.
5.After the mould modification of mould QC, it will be tested for the actual situation of modification, and carried out the next mould tryout after passing.
6.After the several times of qualification of mould modification, the project will inform the customers to move the mould.
7.After the mould QC passed the final examination, the will provide to project department, and mould delivery.
8.After the project get the , they arrange all the mould information and carry out the mould sealing according to the requirement of customers, and delivery.